Mercury is a full service interactive digital agency. We use the best of today’s creative technology in making superb online experiences for our clients and their customers.

Mercury was founded from 2 other companies MercuryBoy – a TV commercials & music video production company, and MercuryGirl, a website technology and mobile apps development company. Together both companies form a solid understanding of what it takes for brands and campaigns to succeed online. We combined our award winning production experience in the innovative use of digital technology and video. We then matched this with strategy and insights to form our digital advertising agency.

Mercury now offer video that is fully integrated to the digital life of a campaign. In short, we provide you with all the tools that any digital marketeer would want or need to produce and deliver. Our clients benefit from in house production and smarter account managers. We have account managers and copywriters sitting beside programmers and graphic designers.

Space invaders


  • Above the line planning
  • Strategy, goals & expectations
  • KPI measurement
  • Research ideas, analyse insights
  • Tech assessment
  • Challenge preconceptions
  • Timeline projection


  • Flowchart and wireframe
  • User interface
  • Design
  • Copywriting & Scripting
  • Rich-media development
  • Video, brand film production


  • Platform development. Web, Mobile, Server side.
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Quality & Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Production report 


  • Deployment report
  • Analytics & engagement insights
  • Feedback to marketing
  • Build business intelligence
  • Goals and expectations met

Our process is to fully work through your business needs from a full digital perspective. We engage with customers on 3 levels. With each project big or small, we have a clear process that guarantees success every time.

Direct to consumer clients – D2C
A business that requires a light, inexpensive touch that yields results directly from spend. Our direct advertising clients know their consumers and audience better than anyone else. We leverage that knowledge to create digital campaigns that deliver a clear return on investment with full accountability and tracking.

Marketing & Campaign driven clients
We get involved in the planning, creative and technology execution of campaigns that are one-off’s or continual campaigns, providing reporting and transparency along the way. We can build you a platform to create repeating social media campaigns, mobile driven activation campaigns or a standard custom made one off promotion.

Technology clients
Clients come to us with sheer technology problems and requirements. With our strong experience in web and mobile software development, we can offer development services on a come and go basis. Why hire & build a development and tech team when you can use ours?