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Founded out of our MercuryGirl division in 2009, our mobile division is typically stronger than any traditional agency offering. We have real life industry experience creating iPhone, iPad, Android handsets & tablets, Blackberry and Windows mobile apps. We handle the entire process in house from concept/planning, design, programming and Q&A/ Testing.

Please take a look at the mobile apps we have built in the past as examples of what we can do to bring you to mobile.
We work with Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile to create you an awesome mobile experience.

Mobile Packages

Accelerated app Starter package
Get started quickly and have an app in store within 2 weeks
Mapping page
Lists page
Social sharing functions
Information pages
Photo gallery

An enhanced mobile experience
Strategy consultation 3 hours
Accelerated program features plus
Custom design package
Dedicated support 24/7
Push notification functions
Video gallery

Global package +
5 hours consultation
Custom app design
Dedicated support 24/7 365 days
Push notification functions
Html5 native app deployment across iPhone, iPad, blackberry, android. So your app works on all smartphones for the price of one build.


Premium options to add to any of our packages
+ in app subscription billing
+ ecommerce store shopping
+ geofencing
+ video Fx
+ VoIP/ Tc / IP functionality
+ awards program’s
+ in app competition with UBC (user based content)



Mobile Services

Mobile Strategy

MercuryDigital have the hands-on expertise necessary to form your intelligent mobile strategy. We scrutinize the available data on your customers and competition to provide your company confidence and clarity. We challenge our clients concepts to evaluate and strengthen their market position. Identifying your clear objectives and challenges Mercury Digital works closely with you to develop a engaging range of expert solutions that fit your future.

  • User and Reach Analysis
  • Mobile Roadmaps
  • Competitive Analysis

Mobile Design

At Mercury digital we work hard to create market leading mobile user experiences. Our designs are top of their class whilst coming from the strong foundation grounded in careful planning and inquiry. At Mercury Digital our design puts the user first to create the best mobile experience.

  • Mobile App Wireframes
  • Screen Mock ups
  • User Experience

Mobile Development

Development is where our hardworking mobile programming team bring all the planning and design together. Mercury Digital give your concept life whilst ensuring that the app meets the highest standards of usability and performance.

  • Native app development
  • Web OS development
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Mobile Content Management System
  • Augmented Reality

Mobile Marketing

At Mercury Digital we understand the changing dynamics in the way people use their phone and consume content on the go. We use our expert understanding of these dynamics to help our clients create a connection that continues to resonate with their customer.

  • Rewards Programs
  • Mobile Advertising

Lets talk about the challenges you have in getting on mobile with your brand. Call +353 1 6854415