This Club’s latest single ‘Up’


This Club’s latest single ‘Up’

Mercury Digital are happy to announce the release of the latest video produced by Tim
Duggan and Eoghan Kidney. The music video of Irish dance band This Club’s latest single
‘Up’ was shot around Dublin over two days. The post production was handled by London
based company Smoke and Mirrors.

The video was a great success all around with both Tim and Eoghan praising the quality of
work and dedication of all involved.

‘It is always such a pleasure to work with a great talent and on this production we had not
only a great band but great actors and a great team. We all had good fun making this and I
think the video will do great things for the band as well as Roz and Eoghan.’ Tim Duggan

‘We think Rex and Roz will go really far in their acting careers and we can’t wait to work
with them and This Club again in the future.‘ Eoghan Kidney

This club – Up

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