HTML5 Interactive e-Book Publication

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HTML5 Interactive e-Book Publication

IN April we announced a new mobile development partnership with Belly of Fire publications. Today we release fully illustrated, interactive and audio integrated android app Walter the Wandering Wave for Google Play. This signature storybook series is built entirely from scratch on our unified universal web OS code-base, an accomplishment that really pushed the limits of the HTML5 platform and language. We collaborated with Google’s Android team throughout this ground-breaking development. Google’s Chrome division also chipped in as our platform utilises the Chrome browser heavily.

We now have a shining example of the phenomenal abilities of HTML5 versus native code and look forward to starting work on the next book in the Walter series straight away. At the same time, we are talking with new publishing clients who would like to utilise the Mercury platform.

This deal with Belly of Fire also gives Mercury Digital visibility across the North American and Canadian market. Belly of Fire and Mercury Digital have negotiated a $CAD 2 million media deal with Play Taxi Media for over 3,000 cabs in Canada and are in discussions with the same firm over a 5 million dollar North American media partnership. This initial Canadian deal will drive downloads of the Android version of the Walter app and power agency recognition for Mercury Digital.

Android app on Google Play

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